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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

29 October 2022 - 30 October 2022

Witch Way to the Overkill Festival

Witch Way to the Overkill Festival with Naomi Moonlion

A magical journey back and forth to the Overkill Festival in a mystical bus filled with performances and care-packages, guided by queer, shamanic artist and witch Naomi Moonlion departing from Rotterdam and heading all the way to the Overkill Festival in Enschede where a collective, transformative and sensorial experience awaits.

The Overkill is an art, gaming, film & experimental music festival feat. interactive installations, indie games, VR, alternative films, talks, live music and workshops - all connected to the festival’s subthemes on healing, witchcraft, digitization & inclusion.

During this trip you will be invited to join queer artist and witch Naomi Moonlion on their search for belonging. On the way to the Overkill festival, we will go through a transformative journey, connecting with each other and our own bodies through various rituals. Naomi also created and designed a care package for everyone joining the trip, full of nurturing items.

- Two collective rituals surrounding belonging: one for letting go and one for new beginnings
- A shared altar at the Overkill festival
- Sensorial connections through the elements and senses
- Witchy introduction to casting circles, cleansing oneself and more
- Storytelling and sharing around belonging and connection
- Body inclusive meditation
- Witchcraft starter kit/care package with a publication, ritual tools incl. a ceramic piece made by Naomi Moonlion to take home
- Chill down playlist

For fans of: Felicia Atkinson, Tabita Rezaire, Ana Mendieta, bell hooks, The Care Collective, Legacy Russels, The Rainbow Fish (children’s book)

The ticket includes:
- A return bus trip between Rotterdam and Enschede
- A one day ticket to Overkill Festival in Enschede
- Performances on the busride to the festival
- A specially designed interactive care package for the road and to take home
- A meditative unwinding program for the trip back to R’dam

Program at the Overkill Festival:
13:00 - 04:00
13.00 - 22.30 Exhibition with installations, videogames, films and performances by a.o. Juliette Lizotte, Pony Express - EcoSexual Bathhouse, Laura A.Dima
14.00 Workshop Hmmosphere 2.0: capturing a new scent of the internet’
16.00 Workshop Role play with Juliette Lizotte
17.00 Workshop Game Folks with Biome collective
19.00 Donjon and Drag queens performance by Queer Arcana
22.00 - 04:00 Gathering of Switches (modular synth + Experimental night) with Chebedajha, Movikca, Jungle of Wires, Container and more tba
00.00 - 04:00 Film program

Witch Way to the Overkill Festival bus drive:
Early bird €35
Regular €50
Limited seats available!

Tickets can only be purchased prior to the event, there will be no (bus)door sale.
After buying a ticket you will receive a service email with all the details in the run-up to the trip.

magical party bus departure times:
R’dam - Enschede: 14:30
Enschede - R’dam: 01:00

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure, drinks and foods are not included, but can be purchased at the festival. The festival is in the centre of Enschede with lots of other food/drink options. The festival itself is open from 12:00-04:00. For the full program of the Overkill Festival check:

Naomi Moonlion (they/them) is a non-binary artist, witch and writer. They are based in The
Hague, the Netherlands. Through their interdisciplinary art projects, they aim to make
utopian and political fantasies a reality. Their work manifests itself in embodied research,
discussing topics like identity politics and creating community through a queer and pagan
perspective. They sculpt fantastical worlds through photography, performance, video,
installation and joyfully craft objects and creatures to inhabit them.
Throughout the entire process of creating, they aim to facilitate a space for people to
discuss society in an open and honest way. To provide a moment of slowness, an
antithesis to the capitalist rush that can be so easy to get absorbed in. By sharing their
imaginations with their audience, they urge people to relate to their humanity together.

I feel belonging when I scrunch my hands around a ball of clay. I feel belonging when I dunk my
head in the sea, close my eyes to protect from salt, pinch my nose and let my hair float. I feel
belonging when I dance alone, naked in my room, I let my body move however I want it to,
unobserved and unrestricted. I feel belonging when I run through the forest, the sound of rustling
leaves mixes with my heavy breath. I am breathing, I am alive, I am here and I am whole. I feel
belonging when I laugh a belly laugh, giddy and joyous and full of hope.
Can we experience belonging in any space? How can we create these moments for ourselves,
internally? How can we connect to the land in this ever individualizing world?