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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

9 October 2022

La Isla Bonita: cassette tape market

Is it a shoe? is it a shower? is it an island?
We don’t know but you can play tapes in it!

On Sunday the 9th of october a curious new entity will arrive at Roodkapje named La Isla Bonita. Made by Simon Wald Lasowski and Sajoscha Talirz, the arrival of this object marks the end of the collaborative redesign of Roodkapje we did under the guidance of queer collective Foef.

We do not know a lot about La Isla Bonita yet, but since it has a car radio built inside we celebrate the landing by inviting tape lovers to come and play, sell and listen to their cassettes. Come by to get to know La Isla Bonita, listen to obscure sounds and eat delicious burgers on this joyful Sunday afternoon.
With tape listening sessions by DJ Klapsalon, Breathe Plastic Records, Label;MusicLabel, Tear Apart Tapes, Geertruida and Levertraan.

free entrance!
PIN only at the bar - Bring cash for shopping

ABOUT DJ Klapsalon
DJ Klapsalon will bring tapes from different continents to listen to as well as 4 sale. There will be a bit of Bollywood from India, Eritrean pop, Algerian rai, Indonesian reggae pop, etc.

ABOUT Tear Apart Tapes
Tear Apart Tapes (TAT) started out as a cassette label in 1981. The post-punk period brought a flood of DIY activities; bands, labels, 'zines, stages, publishers. There was a lively scene with many exchanges. The label was a way to release your own music and that of friends; give it an 'official jacket,' a cover, a logo, a 'house style,' and it looks like there is an entire organization behind it. Vinyl pressing was still something that was out of reach for many; how exactly this was done seemed full of insurmountables, not the least of which was the necessary money.
Cassettes, on the other hand, could simply be copied at home, and unlike with an average edition of pressed vinyl, you didn't suddenly have 500 copies that you couldn't get rid of on the paving stones. You made your own covers with Rotring pens and Letraset rubbing letters and the local copyrette.
Around 13 different cassettes were issued between 1980 and 1986. In the following years the label was put on 'pause'.
That break lasted about 25 years...
In 2009, Veronica Vasicka of New York's Minimal Wave label reached out to inquire about the re-release of Das Ding previously cassette-released material on vinyl. In the period after that, the cassette label was revived and new material was released in addition to the old tapes, now also on vinyl singles. The renewed interest opened the door to distribution opportunities and of course the internet made it easier to advertise and sell things, through Bandcamp for example.
Tear Apart Tapes is currently mainly active as a 'publisher' of Eurorack modules, kits and builds. An Etsy shop, set up one afternoon at the start of the pandemic, has now accidentally grown into a successful business!

Breathe Plastic Records celebrates its 10 years of existence this year. Started out as a bedroom project to provide befriended bands with some extra promotion and more items on their merchandise table, now almost 10 years old with 100 releases and counting. Not operating from the bedroom anymore, but after all these years the motto is still 'No boundaries in heaviness', resulting in tapes of bands and artists that range from primitive black metal to dark ambient and from sludge to grindcore

ABOUT Label;MusicLabel
Label;MusicLabel is an independent label from Rotterdam, founded by Djurre van Dijck. The urge to hold onto something tangible with music matter on it gave birth to the label that focuses on cassettes of smaller acts and demo tapes. From ambient to pop to indie related releases, Label;MusicLabel does not try to think in terms of limiting genres but rather in a diversity of these. Previous releases were by Alison Jutta, Doorgerookt, Avnnt MM and Socks;SportsSocks. Upcoming release is from Jack Hippo called: 'Another failed drug story', of which an exclusive test pressing will be listened to on October 9th.

ABOUT Levertraan
Levertraan is a micro cassettelabel from Utrecht presenting a platform for outsider artists. Shining a light on local and international underground acts. Holding on to the do-it-yourself approach to keep cassettes authentic and affordable. Occasionaly organising concerts in Utrecht and surrounding.

ABOUT Geertruida
Geertruida is a century old house in Haarlem, The Netherlands. It functions as our home, our studio, our office. It's a record label, it's a record shop, it's a guitar shop, it's a place for musicians to sleep, hang, party and/or play a show.
Started in 2010 and releasing music from all over the world, in all kinds of genres.

Simon Wald-Lasowski (Paris, 1980) collects, studies and mocks the iconography of images, objects and signs that are so prevalent in contemporary society. Simultaneously, his multiform practice conveys a genuine love for disdained tacky gadgets and obscene curiosities, which he obsessively hoards. Objects become actors in satirical subversive installations, which confront viewers to absurd issues of the human condition and to the enormous underbelly of our morbid consumerism. Simon was a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academie from 2016-2017 and has exhibited i.a. in Foam, W139, 1646, Het Nieuw Instituut, Stroom, Garage Rotterdam, Arti and trampoline gallery. He is currently working on a public art installation for Welcome Stranger and a publication with Roma publication.

La Isla Bonita was made possible by VSB fonds, Stichting Bevordering van de Volkskracht, Stichting Job Dura fonds, Stichting Zabawas, Erasmusstichting, Elisabeth Mathilde Fonds, Maatschappij Nut van 't Algemeen en Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds