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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

2 September 2022

Loveth + Lifeless Past

CONCERT | Loveth Besamoh + Lifeless Past
Single release party!

Loveth is a producer, composer, singer and guitarist from The Netherlands. He migrated to the Netherlands from Cameroon in 2014 where he consolidated his love for music. You’ve might seen him before in other upcoming Rotterdam outfits like BED or Lorne. Loveth's own genre bending music is a merger of genres ranging from afro rock, jazz, post-punk, soul, and rhythms he grew up listening to and playing in church back in Cameroon. Loveth blends and shifts genres creating his own psych brand of music. On the 2nd of September he will release his new single ‘death snapped’

Lifeless Past is a post-punk formation from The Netherlands playing dark punk and new wave music inspired by the romanticism and gothic rock movement from the late 80's. Characterized by its cold and shimmy drums, cascading guitars and wintery vocals Lifeless Past sets a gloomy yet danceable mood for the night.

For fans of: Pasteur Lappe, Fela Kuti, BED, the Cure, Molchat Doma

€9,- presale (incl. service costs)
€ 11,- door (incl. service costs)

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