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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

29 September 2022

Krackle #7: Ard Bit | Radboud Mens | Ezra V & April Bourne

KRACKLE #7 with Ard Bit, Radboud Mens, Ezra V & April Bourne

Krackle continues to find its way into the fringes of contemporary electronics. We try to share all different pathways into electronic music. We've been digging into the outskirts, crossing the paths of more mainstream fields of hip accessible releases.

We noticed that we, during the epidemic, have been listening differently, more intense, more focused. With this experience we started to listen even better to the records that we thought were already special and discovered more layers, more tensions and harmonics but also were aware of the composition. And we notice that more people seem to have a need to listen to and experience music more intensively. Some meditate by listening or listen more intensely and immerse by entering a meditative state with the music.

With this night we stage artists that relay on that focus, two of them have a new release out: Ard Bit & Radboud Mens

Ard Bit has been releasing these Amazing Bubble and Field recordings series which open up new doorways. As he put it himself: "It is essential to seek the silence to escape from who we think we are and experience who we really are. I like to reach out to that light. I record sound we hear every day, it is a part of life captured in it, a moment when everything happens, where everything can be heard. I focus on that because it is just there but we may have forgotten it, standing still in sound is my silence" Based on work initiated between Amazing Bubble I and II, Ard has been finishing up a new album. ‘Music For Delirious Episodes’ is out September 2022 on Phainomena / Shipwrec and be presented during this evening.

This is the second time we invite Radboud Mens to our Krackle serie. His previous one, next to Wanderwelle, was an amazing audio adventure. His soundscape performance was intense and a delightful eargasm. The new release takes 2 CD's and is built on the idea that you should be able to combine different styles of music in 1 release.

The music of Ezra V & April Bourne (brothers) is best described as melodic ambient with the use of atmospheric sounds. For this evening they are preparing a dj set with a broad sound palette ranging from repetitive synthesizer sequences to soundscapes and from downtempo beats to unsettling rhythms.

Come and join us and put on your listening ears.

For fans of: deep listening, seated / standing, Ian Hawgood, Romeo Poirier, Ulla Straus, Perila, Florian T M Zeisig, Pavel Milyakov (Butttechno)

Ard Bit is the artist project of Ard Janssen, a Rotterdam-based composer, sound designer and field recordist who creates audio sculptures which are subtle, layered and characterized with great detail. His musical forms come about through free improvisation and systematic composition with a focus on minimalism. Ard is a member of the Lowriders foundation since 2016 and co-founder of the Krackle concert series.

For fans of: Ian Hawgood, Ulla Straus, Perila

Radboud Mens is a sound-artist who started creating noise-machines in 1988. In the early go's he attached contact-microphones to dog's brushes that he used to destroy vinyl records by scratch-playing them, boosting the signal through broken cassette-decks and recording the results. He builds his own acoustic instruments and sound-installations, like bass-recorder flutes, long string installations, drone-machines and guitars that are driven by transducers. These instruments and installations are used in new compositions: "The Ambiguity Of An Apparently Static Phenomenon", "Three Pieces For Upper Partial Tones" or "Three Linear Studies Of Cross-Synthesis".

For fans of: Florian T M Zeisig, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Pavel Milyakov (Butttechno)

Ezra V (Ezra Vonk) is an electronic music producer and co-founder of the Rotterdam based label/collective Bound Centre, a label that’s focussing on the fringes of electronic club music. Being heavily inspired by these modern club sounds and his love for ambient and noise music, Ezra is always searching for the right balance between these different musical approaches. Resulting in a broad sound palette ranging from repetitive synthesizer sequences to atmospheric soundscapes and from downtempo beats to unsettling rhythms.
April Bourne (Jorien Vonk) started producing music a few years back. His sound is best categorised as friendly sounding melodic ambient with the use of gated synths and minimalistic pitter-patter beats.

For fans of: Romeo Poirier