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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
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13 August 2022

FINISSAGE | Sensitive obscurities: exploring the queer (sub)conscious.

What does it mean to be queer? How does one feel queerness? Is it all just about rainbows and Pride? Or is there also struggle when living one’s identity in the open?

These were some of the questions that the artistic team behind ‘’Sensitive obscurities: exploring the queer (sub)conscious’’ asked themselves while developing an exhibition that would be a living organism- worthy enough to capture the expansion and multiplicity within Rotterdam based queerness. During the finissage of the exhibition on the 13th of August, the exhibition participants and artistic team will gather for a small moment of reflection in a form of a small panel, during which curator Joana Cavaco will interview the artists- Rik Versteeg, Licka Lolly, Roberto Angels, Lillith de Ville, Xiang Ye Yueng and Fae in a vigorous conversation about vulnerability, queerness, beauty, mental health and many other topics that were brushed uppon to make the exhibition come to life.

Join us on the 13th of August at Roodkapje Rotterdam:

18:00-18:30 Words of welcome and thank you's
19:00-20:00 Panel discussion
20:00 Drinks and wrap up

The event is free of charge, however we are curating an intentional space so the organization holds the right of removal in case deemed necessary. We are holding the space together- in a consensual manner.

‘’Sensitive obscurities: exploring the queer (sub)conscious’’ comes from a deep desire to connect with the inner struggles, and then ultimately joys, of the queer body. By exploring the inner works of the experiences of five members, part of the queer community in Rotterdam, the work connects with feelings of anger, loneliness, and abandonment. The reality of living within a queer body that is Othered, and often either put on a holy pedestal or seen as a devilish mistake. By not running away from the underlying abjection of these feelings, visual artist Rik Versteeg and participants Licka Lolly, Roberto Angels, Lillith de Ville, Xiang Ye Yueng and Fae embarked, on a journey to create a storytelling exhibition, consensually exploring these very human journeys through a queer and post-feminist lens.

The exhibition is on view from August 6 till August 13
Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 20:00
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