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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

18 June 2022

MUSEUMNACHT | Rumores Rumor

We’re having a special Museumnacht program this year combining the art exhibition Humores humor by Simon Keizer with live music and performances curated by Lucija Gregov and Futura Resistenza featuring Gijsje Heemskerk, DJ's Mitze Apocalipze and Chucho Vinilo a.k.a. Cinema Colombiano and the Singing Club of Rotterdam.

In the framework of Simon Keizer's exhibition 'Humores Humor' and the 9-month Hamburger Community of Live residency in which young promising event programmers are coached in curating various live events, HC residents Lucija Gregrov and Simon Keizer -in cooperation with the Brussels-Rotterdam-based label Futura Resistenza- compiled a special programme for Museum Night that enters into dialogue with Keizer's work and the audience.

Singing Club of Rotterdam will be engaging in a collaboration with Simon Keizer (sculptor, performer, sonic explorer) for an evening of vocal exploration in and around the exhibition Humores humor.

Gijsje Heemskerk will paint her stomach with a face. She will cover her face and play an audio file.
This audio file will be the voice of the stomach-face. It will tell jokes.

Chucho Vinilo and Mitze Apocalipze will lead the audience through a set of tropical delights, such as cumbia and champeta. Obscure Colombian film fragments are mixed with folkloristic rhythms during Museumnacht.

For fans of:
Improvising life, Deep Throat Choir, Community theatre, animals, circle singing, collaborative vocal improvisation, high brow and low bow and all the brows in between, Dick el Demasiado, cumbia lovers and Latin-American psychedelia.


20h00 Gijsje Heemskerk - LIVE PERFORMANCE
21h00 Singing Club of Rotterdam & Simon Keizer - LIVE PERFORMANCE
22h00 Gijsje Heemskerk LIVE PERFORMANCE
23h00 Singing Club of Rotterdam & Simon Keizer - LIVE PERFORMANCE

+ Before, in between, and after the live shows: DJ’s Mitze Apocalipze and Chucho Vinilo (Cinema Colombiano)


Tickets will give entrance to all the Museumnacht events throughout Rotterdam.
For tickets click the ticket link above.
Regular tickets: €17,50
Children (-12 yrs): €7,50
CJP-pashouders: €12,50


Singing Club of Rotterdam is an experimental vocal group initiated in early 2019. They come together every other week to explore the voice in collaboration. Singing Club is open for everybody to become a member, no musical experience is needed. Their repertoire is wholly improvised and sessions are organised with input from the members. We like to play with vocal warm-ups, songs, tonal meditations; and also physical, theatrical exercises. In the past two years club favourites have been Dance Party, in which members improvise songs to each other’s dances; Messy Jam in which members take a popular song, sing it on loop and turn it into a chaotic experimental jam session; and Rotterdam Sounds, in which everyday sounds from Rotterdam life are vocalized into a soundscape together.

Gijsje Heemskerk doesn't believe in the notion of an autonomous artist. Everything you do, you do together with someone or something. She works together with (among others): Collectief Het IJ, her canine companion Wiske, slugs and snails, the departed daughters of folk legend Grote Pier and her 88 year old friend Annie. Besides her own practice she is the founder of artist initiative Atelier Oh Nee ( A project space in her own studio where artists and other people can present whatever they want.

With Chucho Vinilo y Mitze Apocalipze the audience will go on a tropical futuristic trip to Colombia and beyond; música de tierra caliente. Chucho Vinilo and Mitze Apocalipze are part of the team behind Cinema Colombiano, so, expect some film-related footage as well!

Chucho Vinilo and Mitze Apocalipze aka Sebastiaan and Johana, are the creators of the film festival Cinema Colombiano that takes place annually in Worm, Rotterdam. In 2020, during lockdown, they started a Colombian radio show at Radio Worm. Every Wednesday afternoon they play soundtracks, film fragments, Dutch Connections and Colombian tunes that go from cumbia till punk. Now they use their Colombian music knowledge for a live DJ set.
Sounds like cumbia lunática, afro-colombian music and tropical rhythms. 🙂