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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

12 June 2022 - 26 June 2022

FILM | A Trilogy of Life with Simon Keizer (12, 19 and 26 June)

FILM | A Trilogy of Life with Simon Keizer
Sunday, June 12, 19 and 26
16:00 - 19:00 hours
free entrance

During the final three Sundays of Humores Humor, Simon Keizer will use the space of his exhibition to view various movies and clips that inspire him and his work. During these sessions you are welcome to join the artist in watching, while he explains more about this source material and his take on it.

In Humores Humor, Hamburger Community resident artist Simon Keizer continues his yearlong exploration in dancing, playing, sound, humor, the body, community, curiosity, collaboration and improvisation pursued in many directions with the objective of boosting moral. While there is also space reserved for anger, tears and other bodily fluids, Humores Humor is set to discover the healing potential of art, as Keizer invites you to partake and experience, and to become an integral part in the exhibition during the six weeks of its running.
Using the space at Roodkapje as a place to come together, a stage to perform, to build, watch movies, eat, and to rest and recharge, you are all invited to join along every step of the way.

In carnivalesque installations and performance works, Simon Keizer uses historic facts and events to get a new perspective on the human relationship with the body, and between bodies in general. Utilizing thought processes and events from the past as tools to take distance and understand concepts of today, Keizer’s works are ritualistic in nature and can also take the shape of gatherings or collective efforts. Starting from a culture of laughter, visitors often are invited to partake and become a part of the work. With a strong believe in the healing potential of art, Keizer’s installations, as well as sounds and his audience are used as a script for his improvised performances.

This event is part of Humores Humor and Roodkapje's Hamburger Community of Art, and is made possible with the kind support of the Amarte Foundation and Gemeente Rotterdam