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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
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29 May 2022

WORKSHOP | Laughing with Laaraji

WORKSHOP | Laughing with LAARAJI
Sunday, 29 May
16:00 - 20:00 (Doors open from 15:30)
Tickets: € 31,- including service fee

In the context of Simon Keizer’s solo exhibition Humores Humor, the ambient legend and ‘Brian Eno of Laughter’ will host a guided laughter meditation workshop. While this workshop takes place within the comfortable space of Simon’s exhibition, LAARAJI will join us online with both music and meditation.

Come and join in for a miraculous afternoon of ambient sounds and laughter with LAARAJI!
The moderator/facilitator, is Sophia Batovrina, she is an artist and somatic therapist as well as breath work and meditation coach.

Please bring your own yoga mat for your own comfort, and don't forget to wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily!

LARAAJI from Harlem, NY is a multi instrumentalist , composer, recording artist and Therapeutic Laughter Teacher Educated in music theory-composition and piano at Howard University, Washington DC USA..1962-66. LAARAJI performs and records stimulating new music informed by his love of dance movement, trance meditation, Visionary sound and bliss life style..