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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

22 May 2022

Club Club Gewalt: Mini Miss Miraculous

Futuristic-midi-pop for a tiny future

The new performance band of the Rotterdam music & performance collective Club Gewalt is a fact. MINI MISS MIRACULOUS. After the feminist punk rock of Herr Hamsterfleisch, MMM proclaims the shrinking gospel through futuristic-midi-pop. The human body must shrink to save the Earth. Frontwoman Gerty Van de Perre takes this task very seriously and can be found at various summer festivals with MMM in the summer of 2022. First stop, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May Roodkapje, Rotterdam, during a special Club Club Gewalt evening at the O. festival.

CLUB GEWALT exercises the desire for degrowth by creating MINI MISS MIRACULOUS (MMM). An oracle from the future, MMM comes to preach the so-called shrinking gospel: the human body must shrink to a height of fifty centimeters in order to save the earth from future destruction and to prevent the apocalypse. MINI MISS MIRACULOUS travels to the here and now to perform hypnotic hyper-pop songs and enchanting choreographies to get her message across.

Tickets are available through O. festival.

Once upon a time in the future
Man grew taller and taller
Man dominated the world from an incredible height
And Man pushed the world to grow beyond its borders
To feed Man’s infinite hunger for spring
For growth
Man set the future on fire

Once upon a time in the present
Mini Miss Miraculous

Is saving the future from fire
For she spreads the instruction of the Incredible Shrinking Man

For the entire Mankind to downsize
To shrink the body
And shrink desires
To practice the desire for degrowth
For practice makes perfect

Mini Miss Miraculous: Gerty Van de Perre
Live band: Club Gewalt
Concept & muziek: Club Gewalt
Set & kostuums: Elsemarijn Bruys
In samenwerking met & gebaseerd op het intellectueel eigendom van: Arne Hendriks
Technische productie & licht: Jorg Schellekens
Geluid: Joris van Oosterhout
Productieleiding: Andrea van Bussel
Communicatie & publiciteit: Pauline Ouwerkerk
Zakelijk leiding: Rick Mouwen
Foto & vormgeving campagne: Pim Top & MaartjeMerel