Roodkapje is Rotterdam’s local laboratory for
ART X MUSIC X FOOD and everything in between

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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

9 April 2022

Roodkapje Resurrected pt.2

with Vulva, Charlie & the lesbians, Cosse, DJ Shahmaran + DYKEHAUS


Let it be loud, let it be clear: Roodkapje is back! Back again to welcome you frequently into our warm, crowded and collective zest pool of art, music, performance, food and all else we do. It left us feeling sad and miserable to be apart so long: but no longer! We took our time off to reboot, refresh and replenish, and did some great construction work in our spaces. Now is the time we open our doors to the reborn Roodkapje to you! And what is a resurrection without a great celebration?

Join us for a weekend full of interdisciplinary pleasures! Starting on Friday with the opening of Smudged Soil, the exhibition created by our new group of Hamburger Community residents in collaboration with Roodkapje’s new RISO and publishing partner Dennis Muñoz Espadiña and his Hocus Bogus Publishing, we kick off for an inspiring evening filled with art, performance, music, drinks and rendezvous!
With performances by Simon Keizer, Avalon Passion and music by DJ BEBÉ and DJ DEROZAN

On Saturday, we continue our official resurrection party! From 20:00 expect to see bands, performances, and to dance the night away with Vulva, Charlie & the Lesbians, Regular Trash, DJ Shahmaran + DYKEHAUS. We have surely missed it, and surely we missed you as well. We are happy to welcome you, so please join us for our return, because we belong together!

Charlie & the lesbians
Eindhoven-based noisemakers Charlie & the lesbians have made an everlasting impression on whichever confined space they’ve been unleashed in – be it your local punk rock catacomb or Brighton’s The Great Escape festival. Described as a supercharged, blazing projectile compressing the best elements of Pixies, Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, Daniel Johnston, and Jay Reatard, a Charlie & the lesbians show would inevitably unfold in complete disorder, with lead vocalist Charlie often disappearing in a junkpile of human flesh.

VULVA is Rotterdam post-punk/stoner-doomduo – Kim Hoorweg (bass/vocals) and Nadia van Osnabrugge (drums/vocals). Taking influences from bands like Kyuss, OM, and IDLES their set goes from dragging slow riffs to repetitive fast noise. With songs like “We only fuck so u can cum” and “Kill the baby” or “Shame” their screams and screeches go straight through your skin and organs.
Albeit being a two piece band, VULVA creates an immense and inescapable wall of doom.

DJ Shahmaran
DJ Shahmaran is a Dutch and Kurdish resident as well as programmer at KLAUW Collective (@klauwcollective) based in Rotterdam. Playing a variety of genres influenced by jungle, juke, breaks, electro, techno, and emotional pop basslines, you can expect lots of energetic build ups, abrupt mixes, vocals, and of course a lot of bass.

Recommended for fans of: queer club culture

DYKEHAUS is a producer and musician based in Rotterdam, and resident DJ for KLAUW. Growing up dancing to music in his dad’s record store, his love for music grew. Now he is not only dancing to the vinyl, but also standing behind the turntable playing them. DYKEHAUS is driven by his love for music as well as by the celebration of being queer within music. In the lack of reflection on sexuality and identity in music, he now produces his own unique brand ‘dyke house’ beats.

Although being exposed to many genres in his musical youth, his sets are now throbbing electro, acid, breakbeat, deconstructed club and ‘dyke house’ kicks out of the speakers.

Recommended for fans of:
y2k pop culture but with A LOT of BASS


All the way from Paris, this last minute edition to the program is a post rock outfit you do not want to miss.
Fragmently organized noise and sophisticated mathcore adds to the classic post rock sound with easy switches to funky dance passages.

Recommended for fans of: And So I Watch You from Afar, Slint, Placebo

We hope to see you all this weekend and celebrate life together!


The resurrection of Roodkapje and Smuged Soil were made possible by VSB fonds, Stichting Bevordering van de Volkskracht, Stichting Job Dura fonds, Stichting Zabawas, Erasmusstichting, Elisabeth Mathilde Fonds, Maatschappij Nut van 't Algemeen en Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

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