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WORKSHOP | Character Building & DnD session with Queer Arcana
Wednesday 17 November 2021 from 18:30 – 21:30

Roodkapje invites Queer Arcana’s Headmistress Margo to take you on a journey into their land of collective wordbuilding and imagination. Under their enchanted wing, you will create a character and learn how to embody and perform it. Once the group has visibly transformed, Margo will take the shape of a Dungeon Master in a Dungeons and Dragons session. The tabletop game which has peaked in popularity in the 80s, is reimagined from a queer perspective. Mixing in elements of drag culture, this collective session will make you dream and discover new ways of being.

Queer Arcana is a theatre/game collective that organizes theatre shows where they play Dungeons and Dragons on a live theatre stage in drag! Queer Arcana tries to enhance the visibility of queer gamers and searches for what happens when you overlap different subcultures in art and design. They are working towards setting up a large analog gaming community where gaming is used as a tool for strengthening social cohesion and as a way to explore the self with regards to gender identity, humanity and position in life.

Ticket € 16,- (incl. servicekosten) (plus free access to Manirastar concert afterwards)

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