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FINISSAGE | Screening + Club Night
Saturday 20th of November 2021 from 19.00 – 00.00

Roodkapje celebrates the finissage of Erik Peter’s exhibition From Then to Here with a thematic film-screening and club night.
Inspired by the work of Erik Peters, the Hamburger community of Live organised an evening where they dwell on the subjects and themes in Erik’s work and translate them to the medium of film and music.
They invited Galerie de Jaloezie to curate a selection of films that react to the narrative and multifaceted elements of Erik’s work. After the audiovisual sensations of the film screening, this will flow into a club night with Arrocha, DJ Leroy & Princess K.

Erik Peters builds on his practice of collaborative worldbuilding to co-imagine a transcendental space with portals into alternate realities. They are worlds, existing somewhere between the present, the no-longer-conscious, and the not-yet-here. Taking place on different spatial and temporal paths, each world amplifies the others in the space. Together, From Then to Here, proposes a collective quest of sensemaking and imagination: where are we now, and where do we go from here?

Ticket € 9,- (incl. servicekosten)

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