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Delftseplein 39
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Tue-Sat 12:00 – 17:00

**WORKSHOP | electro-hacking: the return of the trash-bots with Edwin Dertien**
Saturday, October 9th
14:00 – 16:00 hours
Tickets at 15 euro’s available here:

Roodkapje invites roboticist Edwin Dertien to give a hands-on workshop on prototyping robots from broken electronics. Come and tinker your way through piles of discarded mechanic waste and build the body of an artificial creature during this intense crash course. The rise of the trash-bots is ready for you, are you ready for the bots?

Edwin Dertien is a passionate maker and tinkerer. He graduated from University of Twente in 2005 with an MSc in Mechatronics, continuing research at the Robotics and Mechatronics group on the design of a pipe inspection robot, obtaining my PhD in 2014. He has a fascination for robotics and has worked on several projects involving (autonomous) robots, both from an engineering and artistic interest.

Cybernetic Dreams is a workshop marathon focussing on interactive and generative tools, organized by HCL resident Louisa Teichmann. Over the course of a week, we will breathe life into metal and wires, flooding electricity into cybernetic pathways. Starting with a workshop on sensors and servo-motors, Dennis de Bel lays out the creature’s nervous system. Now it is already time for its first words, as a workshop on speech-to-text tools by Federico Poni and Francesco Luzzana gives the beast its voice. With the help of roboticist Edwin Dertien, the disconnected pieces of its bare existence are becoming grounded into a robust body. After its journey of creation, all that is left for the entity to come to life is a soul. Telemagic awakens the creature’s spirit by giving it the gift of choice.

Sign up for the workshops individually, or watch the entire birth of the creature by joining the whole program. Sweet cybernetic dreams!