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**WORKSHOP | arduino + sensors: an artificial nervous system with Dennis de Bel**
Wednesday, October 6th
18:00 – 22:00 hours
Tickets at 15 euro’s available here:

**Please note:** to participate you will need to bring your laptop & and micro usb cable (with data transfer capability).

Roodkapje invites artist Dennis de Bel to give a hands-on workshop on the use of sensors and servo-motors, laying the base for interactive cross-platform projects. Come and tinker with us, whether you are a electro-noob or digital wizard. Dennis will introduce you to the basics of Arduino programming, letting computers sense real-time changes in the physical world.

Dennis de Bel (1984, Rotterdam, NL) is a hands-on artistic researcher, educator and radio amateur.
His practice oscillates between various configurations of collaborations focusing on collectively exploring hardware, software and various forms of waves.
This is actualised through a broad spectrum of talks, devices, dj sets, workshops and exchanges at for example ISEA, Transmediale, Radical Networks and Relearn, including various educational institutions such as Design Academy Eindhoven and the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam.
In 2017 he co-founded Varia, a physical space to actively develop collective approaches towards everyday technology informed by experiments with building physical, digital and social infrastructures of affinity.
De Bel holds a MA from the Piet Zwart Institute (NL) and most recently participated in the artist in residency program of the Institute for Provocation in Beijing (2018).

17:30: Doors open
18:00: Workshop starts
22:00: Workshop ends

Cybernetic Dreams is a workshop marathon focussing on interactive and generative tools, organized by HCL resident Louisa Teichmann. Over the course of a week, we will breathe life into metal and wires, flooding electricity into cybernetic pathways. Starting with a workshop on sensors and servo-motors, Dennis de Bel lays out the creature’s nervous system. Now it is already time for its first words, as a workshop on speech-to-text tools by Federico Poni and Francesco Luzzana gives the beast its voice. With the help of roboticist Edwin Dertien, the disconnected pieces of its bare existence are becoming grounded into a robust body. After its journey of creation, all that is left for the entity to come to life is a soul. Telemagic awakens the creature’s spirit by giving it the gift of choice.

Sign up for the workshops individually, or watch the entire birth of the creature by joining the whole program. Sweet cybernetic dreams!