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Tue-Sat 12:00 – 17:00

We…are Doomed (Pragmatic Propaganda)
The Irrational Library & TRIK
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Expect an evening full of spoken soul punk rock’n roll with live-action painting and performance. Music and art are aligned together in this concert to celebrate the cover to cover book/album We… are Doomed (Pragmatic Propaganda) stacked with razor sharp news-cartoons and illustrations that draw upon poetical essence behind each song. The band performs ‘inside’ the We… are Doomed exhibition while TRIK does some live ‘MrMonking’. (Guest starring the FantasticFour.)

For this evening:
Visitors will be seated, have a drink and enjoy the show.
We will be working with 2 times lots; max. 30 visitors.
After every show there will be a meet and greet, chance to check out the exhibition and get a signed copy of the book/album, vinyl, shirts or more!

This is a collaboration of minds fueled by music and imagery, one that will surely make the enaged mind sink into every song and in every page. Works that synthesis music, poetry and art all for the sake of refueling the stagnant thought processes of a dehydrated mind. By combining all of these elements into a new form of “pragmatic propaganda” The Irrational Library and TRIK will be supporting this release with a tour of galleries and podia filling it with the arts, sights and sounds of a true propaganda extravaganza of live music and art. An event full of bombast and mind tingling inclusive antagonistical insight, combining the get up and come get some groove of The Irrational Library encompassed by the kaleidoscope poster, art and cartoon-design, portrayed in the artistic views of TRIK. A sensory collaboration that will surprise, contradict and catch you off guard. The book, full of sociopolitical cartoons by illustrator TRIK, is also the third studio album by the inimitable Irrational Library band. In order to really bring the deeper meaning of ’Pragmatic Propaganda‘ to life, TRIK‘s edgy graphic work has been combined in words and visuals with frontman Joshua Baumgarten‘s lyrics, and vice versa. This is cartoon activism meets spokensoulpunkrock‘n‘roll. Put the record on, immerse yourself in the book and let yourself be bombarded by what follows. If you want to know where we as a society stand right now, this is the document of the times, that you are looking for. Come get some!