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Once Upon a Time… Roodkapje has been working on something special! 

In a wonderful collaboration between Rotterdam-based writer Tommy Ventevogel and HCA-artist Danielle Hoogendoorn, we are excited to present Desire Paths: a contemporary fairy tale in which both Ventevogel and Hoogendoorn poured their collective love for animals, animal rights and storytelling. Written by Tommy Ventevogel on the basis of Hoogendoorn’s works, Desire Paths is supported with illustrations of Danielle Hoogendoorn. Set to enchant the reader, this fairy tale takes you deeper into our relationship with animals and the wild. 

Desire Paths is designed, printed, and handmade by Floor van Meeuwen. Included in each copy is a bookmark with a QR-code that allows you to access a tailor-made soundtrack by Puck Schot to accompany your reading!  

Desire Paths appears in a limited edition of 50, so pre-order your copy now!