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ROODKAPJE RADIO | Podcast Pt. 1: Technology in Music

Monday, April 5th 15:00-16:00 Hours

This stream is available through Operator Radio

With Tommy van Leuken & Daanie Van Den Ijssel

As part of the first collaboration between the Hamburger Communities of Live and Art, titled ‘Agency & Machine’, the role of technology and A.I. in creative processes is central. In the first Roodkapje Radio Podcast, HCL-members Arjuna Vlasblom and Mitchell Quitz question to what extent does technology influence musicians’ work processes and where the boundary between the organic and the electronic exactly is. To engage with these questions, musicians Tommy van Leuken (SocksSportSocks) and Daanie Van Den Ijssel (Neighbours Burning Neighbours) are joining. The conversation in this podcast is the first step of an experiment in which they are challenged to abandon their standard work process in order to create a new track using technology and methods they are not (yet) familiar with. This experiment includes a seminar by musician/producer Ezra Vonk. Both musicians will reflect on their experiences in Roodkapje Radio Podcast pt. 2, broadcasted on Operator Radio on Monday, 19th of April.

This podcast will be broadcasted through Operator Radio on Monday, April 5th, 15:00 to 16:00 hours, and is available afterwards on their website.


Directly inspired by the work and research of HCA-Artist Gill Baldwin, Agency and Machine asks the question what happens when artists, musicians, designers, and other creatives interact with technology, hard- and software, and Artificial Intelligence. Through all events attached to Agency & Machine, Roodkapje aims to challenge you to think further about what is human and what is machine, and who, in the end, is actually in control.


The Hamburger Community programs of Roodkapje provide two yearlong development trajectories for five young, talented artists (Art), and five aspiring event programmers (Live). Throughout the year both the Hamburger Community of Art and Live collectively work towards five interdisciplinary programmes built around the work and research of the individual Hamburger Community artists.

During their stay at Roodkapje the artists and residents will receive guidance and support from professionals from their respective fields, and through an in-depth trajectory that is aimed at further developing their professional skills and positions.

Picture by Leroy Verbeet