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Tue-Sat 12:00 – 17:00

Price is a band of contrasts, interchanging their songs with dreamy acid-saturated guitars, nightmarish doom-ridden walls of sound and sharp salvo-like riffs and drums. Operating as an exploration and outlet for the psychedelic side of Marnix Visscher’s songwriting, the Dutch outfit doesn’t always follow the footsteps of their 60’s and 70’s predecessors. Like with former band Korfbal, Visscher’s distinct vocals and singular knack for palatable melodies allow Price’s music to shift and erupt in the most satisfying hyper-creative ways. Though the band has endured its fair share of lineup changes, it became clear that no matter the circumstances, Price in and of itself is a vessel for storytelling.

“Visscher’s unassuming, unhurried poise might be his foil in a small country like The Netherlands, where the ones who scream the loudest get the most rewards. But seriously, the dude is an absolute tour de force. Though Price features Visscher’s signature acidic squall and penchant for wiry hooks that always seem to stick, their bread and butter is restraint, steadiness, and depth, never getting too ahead of themselves. I hear a lot of sonic elements of The Stone Roses, Ulrika Spacek and Isn’t Anything-era My Bloody Valentine. But within the frame of Visscher’s melodic tendencies – turning frequent about-faces – Price is quite a unique little beast. ” – Jasper Willems (Drowned In Sound)

Roodkapje is hosting live shows in their Exposition Hall. Expect a fully Corona proof sitting-down concert. Please note: No bar open. Roodkapje is doing everything to live up to the Corona measures. Please bring a face mask and do not bring any food or drinks to a concert.

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Duo ticket € 10,-

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