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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
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11 December 2020

Opening | HCA 2020: Read the Room by Iriée Zamblé and Kenneth Aidoo

• OPENING | Read the Room by Iriée Zamblé and Kenneth Aidoo •
Friday 11 December 17:00 - 21:00
Free Entrance with time slot:

In Read the Room, Iriée Zamblé and Kenneth Aidoo stage a series of intimate and brightly coloured perspectives on the lives of the Afro-Dutch. Rich in authenticity, the works stick closely to the everyday encounters of both, using their positions as individual artists to help us understand the emotions and thoughts of their painted subjects.

The paintings of Iriée Zamblé are based on people she passes in the streets everyday. While distant and anonymous at first sight, the way they are painted provides them with status and familiarity. Often looking directly at the spectator and painted with a keen interest in their style of dress and self-expression, Iriée’s painted subjects appear to claim their own space, telling us stories about contemporary (culture and their) life.

Unlike the direct intimacy that Iriée facilitates between her subjects and her audience, the drawings of Kenneth Aidoo are highly intimate through their autobiographical origin. Showing us private moments of the artist’s life, Kenneth brings us into his everyday surroundings and experiences, reflecting not only on his place in the world but also asking us to the same. As both artists find each other in their experiences and perspectives, they are also linked by the way in which they draw, paint and depict: confident, authentic and above all honest. They are not trying to belong anywhere, they are simply already here.

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‘Read the Room’ is production of the Hamburger Community of Art, Roodkapje’s yearlong residency and development trajectory for young, emerging artist. The HCA is based on the principles of experiment, collaboration, and developing new artistic practices. What can artists learn from each other? How can (young) artists stimulate their development collectively? And, how can they find new and intriguing ways to connect to diverse audiences?