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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

13 March 2020

Opening | HCA 2020: Blind Spot

• Opening | HCA 2020: Blind Spot •
Friday | 13 March | 19:30 - 02:00
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Free Entrance

• Exhibition | HCA 2020: Blind Spot •
13 March - 1 April 2020
Opening times | Wed.-Sun. | 12:00 - 20:00
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Free Entrance

Danielle Hoogendoorn |
Lavinia Xausa |
Refiq Abbasov |
Iriée Zamblé |
Gill Baldwin |
in conversation with Jeroen Koolhaas

In collaboration with the second mentor of the residency programme, Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Koolhaas, the Hamburger Community of Art 2020 presents their new group exhibition: ‘Blind Spot’.

With the guidance of Jeroen Koolhaas, Iriée Zamblé, Lavinia Xausa, Daniëlle Hoogendoorn, Rafiq Abbasov and Gill Baldwin engaged in a collaborative effort to build a new exhibition. Koolhaas, whose career as an artist is characterised most by large-scale, site-specific and community painting projects, directed the artists to zoom out and assume their position not only for their individual perspective but also as part of a larger whole. ‘Blind Spot’ therefore is not only a group exhibition focussed on providing a fascination spatial setting for the artists’ works, but also an exercise in becoming aware of one’s own position and subsequent blind spots.

• Sonic Performance by Rafiq Abbasov •
During the opening event on Friday March 13, artist Rafiq Abbasov will provide a sonic performance in three 45 minute sessions. Set in the stage-area of Roodkapje, Abbasov, along with four other musicians, is to embark on a sonic journey through different stages of his life.

• Performance times •
19:45 - 20:30: Session I
20:45 - 21:30: Session II
21:45 - 22:30 Session III

• DJ Set by Strictly Tapes by Anan Striker •
From 23:00 onwards we will party to the tunes of Tapejocky Anan Striker!

• Mentorship: Jeroen Koolhaas •
As part of the mentorship-trajectory of the Hamburger Community of Art, the resident-artists received Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Koolhaas. Koolhaas’ artistic career has been determined mostly by his work as part of the collective ‘Favela Painting’, with whom he realised an extensive number of large-scale, neighbourhood painting projects in Brazil, Curaçao, Mexico, Haiti, and Philadelphia, among others. These projects were always realised in close conversation and collaboration with local artists and communities alike. The values of spatial designation, collaboration, and the ability to inhibit a position as part of a larger whole were dominant factors throughout Koolhaas’ mentorship for the Hamburger Community.

• Hamburger Community of Art •**
The Hamburger Community of Art (HCA) is Roodkapje’s year long residency and development trajectory for young and emerging artists, based on the principles of experimentation, collaboration, and developing new artistic practices. What can artists learn from each other? How can (young) artists stimulate their development collectively? And, how can they find new and intriguing ways to connect to diverse audiences?