Eric Den Hartigh

Eric was the initiator of Roodkapje. In 15 years he built the institute we all know and he was always ahead with rebellious visions and innovative ideas. Roodkapje will miss him dearly, as an inspiring director and curator, but more importantly as a wonderful and very kind human being & friend.

We will never forget you sweet Eric and will keep on going as you wished.

The whole Roodkapje Team

2000-2010: Witte de Withstraat 13








Roodkapje started in 2000 at the Witte de Withstraat 13 as an eclectic nineties styled mix of exhibition space, public studio, fashion boutique and hair & makeup salon for millennium Now & Wow night birds. The public studio featured sewing machines, video editing computers, a photo studio and a DJ booth. Soon after, Roodkapje’s growing community was invited to host art events and happenings in various venues in Rotterdam, including Las Palmas, Now & Wow and Waterfront: project Nachtkunsten was born. In the weekends our caravan would show up on the dance floor of these clubs. Inside you could visit an exhibition, every week there was a new artist or artist collective.

Roodkapje is and was also about atmosphere, never solely about art. We started experimenting at the Witte de Withstraat with organizing weekly dinners in the exhibition space. Later this would turn out to be the start of the Beat Burger, the predecessor of Burgertrut. Besides adding to our income, the Burgertrut is an important tool that can help soften the initial hesitation towards conceptual art and make it more approachable for a broad audience.

In 2003 Roodkapje organized the first edition of R EJECT Film Festival, a shadow film festival during the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It showcased local and international young filmmakers, whose work didn’t make into the official selection. The first edition our films were screened in a caravan park set up right next to IFFR’s main venue. We presented this concept later on in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. There have been several editions of the reject festivals. From caravans we moved to city buses. After buses we pioneered in the field of popup stores. We organized several editions of the reject festival in vacant shops throughout the city centre. Most recently we hosted R EJECT in the brutalist Hofpoort-tower at Hofplein.

During these early years, Roodkapje exhibited work, released booklets and showcased a variety of local, national and international artists, including Bianca & Sierra Casady (Coco Rosie, US), Bunny Rabbit (US), Karol Radziszewski (PL), Kapotski (BE), Jonas Staal (NL), Tinkebell (NL),, Gozde Ilkin (TR), Quay Brothers (US), Democratia (ES), Aysel Bodur (NL) , Jean Gabriel Periot (FR), Venour (NL). And a big number of other (Rotterdam based) artist in the start of their careers. Notable events also include multicultural vlaworstelen (“custard-wrestling”), winning the Museumnacht Maanprijs with Joram van der Sloot, guerilla gardening, Klub Mayonaise: our flyer was printed on a tube of mayonnaise, leaving parts of the Witte de Withstraat covered in mayo.

2010-2013: Meent 119-133

In 2010 Roodkapje moved to Meent 119 – 133, in the middle of a busy shopping street in the center of Rotterdam. The different, connected spaces of 700 square meters were used for 12 exhibitions, concerts, a (mini)shop and the first incarnation of Burgertrut. On March 6, 2010, Roodkapje started ROT(T)TERDAM, a ‘cultural supermarket’ with a monthly new offer of art, fashion, exhibitions, lectures, parties and performances

In 2012, the International Film Festival Rotterdam invited renowned director Michel Gondry (FR) to Rotterdam. On 26 January 2012, Gondry opened the ‘Home Movie Factory’ installation in Roodkapje, which allowed participants to create a short movie in only three hours. The installation remained open for the public until March.

From March-May 2012 hosted the exhibition ‘Epicenter for the Contemporary Urban Wizard Practice’ at De Meent, featuring work by contemporary city wizards Jasper Griepink, Toine Klaassen and Piet Langeveld.

The new location also was used as a concert venue. Numerous Dutch and international acts performed under the umbrella of ROTTT. The space also was used for several thematic editions of Vieze Diana (f.k.a. Sauna Diana).

Exhibitions and events:
# Carl Giffney (IE): Partij voor Ierland/Partir pour l’Irlande/Imirce go hÉirinn/Irlanda Partisi
# Nikki Rosa Ootjers (NL) & Hinde Chaâtouf (NL): The Subgenderal Research Centre
 of the Liminal Being(s)
# Hester Scheurwater(NL) AT PLAY (Work in Progress)
# Tommy Ventevogel (NL): Sudder Death Klebsiella
# agnès b. and Maison Martin Margiela in ‘Out of Fashion’ (cooperation with IFFR, 2011)
# WdKA book presentation: ‘No Image Available’ of Illustration students WdKA
# Marc Koolen, Art van Triest and Margriet Kick-Ass: Futurismo 192011

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# Oskar Maan (NL): Post- apocalyptic Institute for Nature 
and Science History (PINSH)
# Arno Coenen (NL), A Sick Zine (Silas Nout en Martin van der Molen, NL), Dennis van Vreden (NL)
# INTROOUTRO: group show presenting the graduation projects of students from the Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design [MIARD] at the Piet Zwart Institute.
# Nina Schuiki (AT), Emanuel Ehgartner (AT), Jonas Feferle (AT), Konrad Strutz (AT) & David Welsch (AT): Left Before – Right Behind

2013-2015: Teilingerstraat 128

On Friday, 13 May 2013, more than 2000 people joined the grand opening of Roodkapje’s new location at Teilingerstraat 128, in Rotterdam Noord. The opening of the new space coincided with the opening of a new exhibiton: Post Slack, the first in a series of six exhibitions in which we explored visions on a better future society through art, with the overarching theme: We Are The World. Meanwhile, Burgertrut temporarily moved from Meent to WORM.

Besides We Are The World and several individual exhibitions, the new space also housed the Magnetronbar (Roodkapje’s canteen for camping chique wining and dining) and the Megashop (a small shop in which young artists and designers could sell their art), which were opened during the entire period at Teilingerstraat. In the big and small room in the basement, Roodkapje’s music program evolved into four seperate concepts: Club Heimat, MIMA, Band Aid and Gespitzen, whilst at Vond.A experiments in multi/inter disciplinary performance art and time-based media were programmed.


The six exhibitions, each accompanied by a printed publication, that were organized under the umbrella of We Are The World were:

# Post Slack (31/05-07/07//2013)
# Manumission (26/07-01/09//2013)
# Entity of ZOON (12/09-27/10//2013)
# APOTHEOSIS (08/11-22/12//2013)
# Ultra Feminism (03/04-03/05//2014)
# Consensus Reality (11/07-24/08//2014)

Other notable exhibitions and events on the Teilingerstraat include:
GABBERS! (2013)
# Jasper Griepink: SWEAT (2014)
# Dennis de Bel: No Ware (2014)
# Nada van Dalen (2014)
# Nikki Ootjers & Hinde Chaâtouf (Frauduleus)
# Museumnacht (2014): ‘Pony Pack’, with KOBE (and ponies!)

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Several Work in Progress (WIP)-projects and two editions of performance-festival WINTERWOLVEN.

In August 2014 Roodkapje curated an art program for Mysteryland. During our #INFLATION INVASION we opened a lemonade-bar and exhibited Rotganzen’s Sugar Lee’s Jolly Jump Smother, Anniq Euphoriq and KOBE. Dennis van Vreden did a ten(!) hour version of his performance ‘Serfbort’.


2015-2017: Roodkapje Radicals


In the Autumn of 2014, after the final We Are The World-exhibition, Roodkapje made plans for the next period. At the annual festival ‘De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier’, Roodkapje introduced the new theme: RADICALS.

We curated the festival’s opening performance NOUVEAU EURO TRASH of fashion performance artists: Anniq Euphoriq and Nada van Dalen. Their respective clans paraded through the Witte de Withstraat and clashed halfway.

10261986_790768504316806_6960010002255414486_n 10418995_790768294316827_105199000272537601_n

The new theme of Roodkapje revolved around being RADICAL. The political term, radicalism, focuses on altering social structures through revolutionary means and changing value systems in fundamental ways. Pulling them from the roots! Roodkapje tends to go against the grain. Not to shock, provoke or insult, but to wake people up and make them think about what exactly one is ‘supposed’ to do. We are looking for diverse works that challenge the status quo and that are radically different. We want and expect fresh, new, RADICAL performances to be the highlight of the event. Roodkapje thinks there are too many outmoded rules and that finger pointing is small minded, stalling progress and innovation. Who else but the artist can speak up and think freely?

The Radicals-theme was further implemented into the new year. In the ongoing festivalisation of the creative sector, Roodkapje wanted art to be headliner in a series of festivals. Roodkapje left the Teilingerstraat, after a final edition of Winterwolven in January 2015, to focus on organizing multidisciplinary RADICALS-festivals in The Netherlands and abroad.

R>>EJECT RADICALS | Film Festival
22-31 January 2015

After Winterwolven, the year continued with a new edition of film-festival R>>EJECT, traditionally coinciding with IFFR. The festival was hosted on the first floor of the mighty Hofpoort-tower at Hofplein, in which we opened a restaurant filled with a custom-made styrofoam interior.

The festival featured daily movie-screenings of international films selected from an Open Call, performances by The Cult Of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, live music and video/installation ‘Fag Fighters’ by Polish artist Karol Radziszewski.  In coproduction with IFFR, Roodkapje hosted a sleeping-concert of Nurse With Wound-frontman Steven Stapleton in the R>>EJECT HQ.

10933988_862504853809837_1692677004991182243_n 1505542_862972317096424_5286880627833201706_n

10922707_862971837096472_8443255966676045910_n 1908107_866309750096014_8041906406404956586_n

A unique &  popular part of R>>EJECT was the Road-on-the-Road tour: a project of director Esther Matze, Artimobiel & Roodkapje. Driving through Rotterdam in a vintage 60’s Setrabus, whilst watching colorful visuals by artist Sinan Seyhan projected on the buildings you pass.

3-8 February, 2015


Previewing the forthcoming RADICALS #1, presented during Art Rotterdam Week. In an offspace on the river Schie in Rotterdam-West, in-between garages & car dealers, Roodkapje presented AUTARC, a project of Nikki Ootjers & Hinde Chaâtouf: an indoor self-made community, in which diverse guests of diverse backgrounds were invited to create, discuss, philosophize, sleep and eat. Visitors could take a special RADICALS-boat from the Van Nelle Factory to our homebase at Spangesekade, where Roodkapje also showed work by upcoming artist & anti-RADICAL Elsemarijn Bruys.

10384753_868109633249359_9205507673371434852_n 10945392_865523550174634_2580897060676157949_n

9-19 April, 2015


In early April, Roodkapje organized the multidisciplinary festival RADICALS #1 on various location in Rotterdam. From our temporary home-base, the illustrious, enormous yet abandoned old Baja Beach Club on Karel Doormanstraat 10, we presented an exhibition featuring work by The Cult of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ (UK), Democracia (ES) and Dirk Serpinski (NL). Also in ‘de Baja’: a restaurant with Burgertrut’s illustrious veggie kapsalon.


The opening-weekend of Radicals #1 coincided with Motel Mozaique, next-door on the Schouwburgplein, which led to a friendly Roodkapje-intervention by fashion designer Nada van Dalen’s fashion-procession featuring Rotterdam Terror Corps’ DJ Distortion.

For two days in a row, Roodkapje took things to another level. The 20th level of the Hofpoort, the (largely empty) brutalist office tower at the Hofplein roundabout, to be precise. Visitors walked around the 20th floor that surrounds the central elevator, to see performances in each corner. On the closing Friday, performance artist Mette Sterre curated a night of performance work by Renee van Trier (NL), Francesca Fini (IT), Paul Kindersley (UK) and Scarlett Lassoff (UK), along radical videowork of Victor Ivanov (UK/RS) among others.

All artists shared a certain degree of theatricality, the grotesque, the transformable body and identity crises. They showcased exciting work surrounding the notion of Radicals, including body transformation, genderbending, eradicating beauty, tableaux vivants, dressing up and dressing down, electroshocks, make up fucked up, the bizarre, broken down pop songs, planet absurd! VICE was there and wrote this.

The day after featured a mini-festival on the 20th floor of Hofpoort, with three acts: The Avonden (NL), Dead Neanderthals (NL) and La Hell Gang (CL).













The planned series of (international) RADICALS festivals were cancelled, after in Spring 2015, Roodkapje founder, director and curator Eric den Hartigh was diagnosed late with a terminal illness. After an unfair fight, Eric passed away on 30 August 2015.

As a final goodbye, on September 3, a collective of mourning family, friends and colleagues organized an emotional performance-wake “Say Yes To The Dress” in the Arminius church.

For the remainer of 2015, Roodkapje continued to organize and host concerts, parties and events in the basement under Teilingerstraat. Notable concerts include the Noodlebar series of modular synth-nights, Uniform (US), Obnox (US) & Blank Realm (AU). Roodkapje also curated several performers for a series of Music Talks-events in GROUNDS.

2016: coming soon.


Roodkapje +Ultras | Opening Delftseplein 39

From Friday 5 May 2017, Roodkapje and Burgertrut moved (back) in (together) to an amazing new place at Delftseplein 39, right next to Central Station, where we’ll be together forever.

“+Ultras, to infinity and beyond, is the spirit that moves us further. It represents Roodkapje’s progressive program, lifestyle and inclusive attitude in working with artists, volunteers, audiences and you. And our ever-expanding community: Roodkapje +Ultras. 

Roodkapje’s motto +Ultras represents art as a dynamic action, manifesting the cross-over of disciplines to connect and promote talent. We dedicate our future towards the + as an open community of ambitious artistic pioneers. Visit our exhibitions, openings, concerts, events and performances. Join our community and shape Rotterdam’s most vibrant platform for contemporary culture. Be +Ultras.

Our +Ultras-program features a series of exhibitions. Each artist is challenged to develop a work linked to a performance aspect. The artists can experiment in their own field and link it to a format of performance.”

The opening of the new HQ coincided with the opening of the solo-exhibition of artist Puck Schot, in our new Roodkapje +Ultras series of exhibitons. After Puck, Roodkapje hosted exhibitions by Joey Schrauwen, Hilde Onis, Roxette Capriles & Viktor Timofeev in 2017.