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The Hamburger Community of Live is Roodkapje’s yearlong development trajectory for five young, talent event programmers. Throughout the year, the programmers of the HCL will work collectively on five interdisciplinary programmes build around the work and research of the Hamburger Community artists, while also producing individual live-events. During their working period at Roodkapje, the programmers receive individual mentorships by professionals from the field, helping them to further develop themselves as event organisers and continue to expand what live events could be like in the future.

Roodkapje is excited to introduce to you the residents of the Hamburger Community of Live for 2021. These five programmers will provide for you the majority of Roodkapje’s program as they stay with us until the end of the year. As COVID heavily impacted our program and residents last year, some of this year’s faces may already be familiar to our loyal visitors. Read more about our HCL residents below or follow them via

Pictures by Julia Vroegh

Louisa Teichmann

Louisa is a Rotterdam based digital artist working with themes around gaming and the effect of new technologies on the player's perception of reality. By analysing gameplay methods and implementing them into Real Life settings, she is creating scenarios in which the viewer turns into the protagonist of an interactive fictional narrative.

Instagram: __louisa__


Arjuna Vlasblom

Arjuna Vlasblom is a musician, producer and promoter active in bands like Gita Buhari, Smudged, Paksoi among others. As a promoter he specialises in Hip-hop, Trip-Hop and other Beat oriented music for Kampung, and in Experimental electronica for Bound Centre. As a musician Arjuna has always been active in multiple genres ranging from Hip-hop to Krautrock and from Soul to Electronica and during his residency he’d like to expand his programming palate to go beyond the electronic oriented genres he specialises in at the moment. Beyond that he’d like to be able to add a musical perspective and input to the visual artists of the HCA when a specific project demands it. Other than that he’d like to get more experience and expertise when it comes to multidisciplinary curation.

Instagram: imhotel_imhotel


Mitchell Quitz

To combat against boredom in his small hometown of Castricum, Mitchell began organising concerts at the local youth center from 2008. After moving to Rotterdam to attend the Zadkine Pop Academie, the urge to organise concerts returned. In 2011, he organised his first event in Rotterdam, at Roodkapje during their stay at the Meent. From that moment onwards he programmed for several stages and festivals such as Eendracht Festival, Ekcit, Iguanarama at Pompenburg, The Gravel Pit and our own Roodkapje Sub space. Over the past 6 years he has worked as booking agent for Rock ’n Roll Highschool, supporting bands like Iguana Death Cult, The Homesick and many others, bringing them to stages ranging from V11 to Lowlands’ X-ray venue. As part of the HCL residency, Mitchell will continue to focus on live music, with the aim of bringing people from different disciplines together, and hopes to inspire fruitful collaborations between the Dutch art and music scenes.

Instagram: quitzchell


Rūta Genyte

You might have seen Rūta around at Pinkman, Worm, or as of most recently, Roodkapje. She is a freelance creative, working within the field of PR & communication in music alongside some writing and radio making. She also recently decided to share her music obsession with the rest of the world through DJing.

Facebook: ruta.genyte
Instagram: ruta.gen


Lodewijk van Dijk

Lodewijk is 24-year-old born and raised, proud Rotterdammert. Graduated from the ‘Theatherhavo/vwo’, Lodewijk studied dance at Codarts for 2 years before going in a different direction. After his departure from Codarts, Lodewijk performed at DOX, started organising parties such as NOCHE and LÓlÓ’S DISCO TOKO, and develop as a freelance performer and clubkid. In this role he hosted, organised, performed and acted as doorbitch for various parties and events. During this time he also developed his alter ego LÓLÓ VON DYK. With the HCL residency, Lodewijk is taking a step away from the spotlight and will focus on organising and curating live events. “I want to learn how to make my concepts come to life, and to be a good programmer, organiser, and partyguru.” During his time at the HCL, Lodewijk will try to find a way to combine all his interests and talents into one big creation.

Facebook: Lodewijk van Dijk
Facebook event page: Nochenightsofficial
Instagram: Lolovondyk
Instagram event page: Lolo.presents


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