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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

16 November 2024

Brorlab, Lifeless Past, Designer Violence [Pretty//Ugly]

21:00-00:00 | ticketsdoors open 20:30
Borlab, Lifeless Past, Designer Violence

ffo: Devo, Cocaine Piss, the Screamers, NIN, Christian Death, punx with synths

In 2023 BRORLAB popped up with their second release "Working Out In Heaven", a totally out of control 12” of modern fuckwave.

The A side is seven new songs of their trademark dadaist electronic punk, full of fuzz guitars and sharp nasty beats, with a female vocalist that fits perfectly the Honey Bane – Chitose vocal range and smart attitude.

The B side brings bang back to life the 8 tracks from their criminally obscure debut EP, which will make any lover of ear-damaging noise smile with pleasure.

All in all an aberrant slice of psychedelic gabber infused punk for the end of time.

Lifeless Past
Lifeless Past from The Netherlands plays darkwave and postpunk music which is heavily inspired by the goth movement from the late 80's.
Lifeless Past consist of Satori (guitars, drumbeats and vocals) together with Brandon om percussions. Both members are currently living in the Netherlands but they are born and raised on the island of Curaçao. Their cultural background can also be heard in their compositions and in some of their songs which are sung in Spanish.
Their music is characterized by its cold and groovy drums, cascading melodic guitars and wintery vocals.

Designer Violence
Wild synthesizers, pumping beats and emotional vocals delivered by women screaming in your face. Formed out of a shared passion for everything gritty, danceable and underground, queer art punk band Designer Violence manages to transform every venue they play into a sweaty underground nightclub, where the sun never rises and the subs slightly too loud.

VJ Elena Chadaeva
Elena is a Rotterdam-based transdisciplinary artist and designer. Her interest and inspiration lie in the intersection of math and spirit, and she explores that threshold by translating sensory input into generated visuals. In her artistic practice more broadly, she works with seemingly unconnectable themes and methods and weaves them into a poetic whole that questions the nature of perception.

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