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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

30 August 2024


19:00-00:00 | TICKETS
“Africans are supposed to be real and you get into a situation where the imaginary becomes the luxury of the bourgeois.”—Jean-Pierre Bekolo

Loveth Besamoh and Viana Afoumou present “NOT OLIEBOLLEN”, a night into Africanfuturism and their Cameroonian roots, exploring it through film, food, music and art. In the highlight: the futuristic thriller “The Bloodettes” (2005) by Cameroonian director Jean-Pierre Bekolo, together with a table full of West-African food (not oliebollen).

The event will showcase a selection of works turning around the theme of Africanfuturism.

Africanfuturism is concerned with visions of the future, is interested in technology, leaves the earth, skews optimistic, is centered on and predominantly written by people of African descent (black people) and it is rooted first and foremost in Africa. It's less concerned with "what could have been" and more concerned with "what is and can/will be". It acknowledges, grapples with and carries "what has been".
(“Africanfuturism defined” by Nnedi Okorafor, 2019)

During the night, the movie “The Bloodettes” will be presented. Next to the movie, a few books from The Base Bookspace, a nomadic Rotterdam-based bookstore focusing on Black authors, will be showcased and available to purchase.

“NOT OLIEBOLLEN” is first of all a dinner. It is an invitation to gather together and share common heritages. On the menu: (jollof) rice, beans, plantains… At the center of the table: puff puff, also called beignets, mikate, gbofloto, bofrot, doko, froufrou, botokoin (not oliebollen).
To make the event accessible, and to foster a kind of one-night-feeling-of-togetherness, the ticket includes access to the full night, meaning: dinner + opening performance + movie + aftertalk (if wanted).

Come on time to enjoy the meal (7PM!).

The Bloodettes by Jean-Pierre Bekolo
"How can you make a film of anticipation in a country that has no future? How can you make a detective film in a country where you can't investigate?" - Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Almost 20 years after its release in 2005, “The Bloodettes'' is still considered one of the continent’s first and influential science fiction movies. The film, set in a 2025 dystopian Yaoundé, follows two female sex workers in their adventures to get rid of the body of a political leader. Filled with stunning, lurid aesthetics, the movie is also a commentary of political corruption.
More info about the movie here:

The Base Bookspace
The Base Bookspace is a nomadic Rotterdam-based bookstore. The concept originated from the founder’s own heritage and lifelong love for the written word. It is The Base Bookspace’s goal to promote books by Black authors and bring together a community around books and storytelling in the broader sense. The Base Bookspace was initiated by Lianne Enkhuizen. Next to running the bookstore she studies philosophy at Erasmus University, reads a lot and can often be found in the middle row in the cinema.

Viana Afoumou
Former resident of the Hamburger Community and most recently one of Burgertrut's floor runners, Viana makes bread, sings and takes long runs through the forest. This year, she is also one of Roodkapje’s significant others.

Loveth Besamoh
In his free time, Cameroon-born, Rotterdam-based Loveth Besamoh transforms basements into alternative experimental music laboratories. Next to that, you will most likely find him on stage with his eclectic band, or backstage, organizing events.