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Roodkapje is Rotterdam's local laboratory for
ART X LIVE X FOOD and everything in between

25 February 2023 - 2 April 2023

EXHIBITION | Mud and Sticky Band: An Awaking by Natalia Sorzano

EXHIBITION | Mud and Sticky Band: An Awakening
By Natalia Sorzano

Exhibition Opening: 24 February
Exhibition Dates: 25th February - 2nd March

In Natalia Sorzano’s solo-exhibition, she brings the sculptural band members of Mud and Sticky Band to life in a musical installation. Created from the remains of pop cultural waste, these contaminated creatures are the result of her ongoing research which so far resulted in textured collages, a sound piece, musical scores and performances. In Mud and Sticky Band: An Awaking, the full band comes together to play Natalia’s musical research exploring desire and intuition.

“Getting lost still takes us somewhere, so here we go again then…”

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll encounter the remains of mass consumption. Candy wrappers in the air, fake eye-lashes on the sidewalk in your street, a bag washing ashore thanking you for shopping. Natalia Sorzano wonders if, considering the current circumstances and the urgency to change our consumption habits, our relationship to objects and space will change. What if we take what is reachable at hand and start to create from these contaminated resources?

Natalia wandered through natural and urban areas in the Netherlands to explore desire through sound, texture, movement and shape. Taking Sara Amhed’s Orientations: Toward a Queer Phenomenology as an instruction manual, Natalia intuitively collected trash and natural materials along her way. By merging these materials, wonky monsters emerged by combining a.o. sticks, cement, foam, latex and tape with mainstream beauty industry items, such as long nails and hair extensions. She started to see these figures as dissident characters, their eroticism and stubbornness inspired her to form a band. Mud and Sticky Band.

(Pop)Music and sound have always been part of Natalia’s work. She uses these mediums to address material in less discursive and linear manners, allowing her intuition to move beyond rationality. To challenge herself in practicing a similar intuitive approach towards material objects and space, she had to self-analyze in which ways her own close environments and pop culture have influenced her desire and thus formed her relationship towards bodies, matter, space, sound and movement. By reflecting on these relationships and desires throughout her intuitive way of working and creating, Mud and Sticky Band emerged. Each sculptural band member started out as a paper collage which served as a study document on texture and shape. These collages were Natalia’s guiding tools in the making of all the unique band members, they formed their sounds and voices, their shapes, textures, personalities and attitudes. In addition to these collages, paintings were used as meditative scores for becoming and engaging erotically with other bodies and matter, such as how-to become fire or a score on how to have a sexual encounter with a cactus. Both the collages and the paintings will, together with Mud and Sticky Band’s band members, form an immersive installation at Roodkapje.


Natalia is a mixed media artist based between Bogotá (Colombia) and Rotterdam, working primarily with/through mixed media installations (video, sculpture, and painting), music, and performances to video. In her work she inquires how relationships unfold in the different cultural tissues she inhabits. She does so by focusing her attention on belief systems, mythological storytelling and vernacular spiritual practices coexisting in urban and rural landscapes. She is drawn to the symbols and interpretations of everyday life, violence, desire and politics within these practices. Folding these subjects into her work, they lead her to create macabre and phantasmagoric re-imaginings of reality.

Natalia is co-founder of the facilitative platform GHOST, the artist-run community space/les university of life Tender Center Rotterdam, and a board member of the organization for Latinx trans and queer immigrants Papaya Kuir. She works as an educator at the WdKA in Rotterdam and has been a guest tutor in different academies in the Netherlands. In 2022 she was a member of Roodkapje’s Hamburger Community of Art.

Exhibition text by: Marloes de Vries
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