Viktor Timofeev – OilRain (Sazarus V) | solo-exhibition

  • November 24, 2017 - December 10, 2017
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

24/11 -10/12 Roodkapje | Delftseplein 39

OilRain (Sazarus V) is an installation that will feature an interactive virtual reality work, wall paintings and two videos. The exhibition is part of Roodkapje’s ongoing +Ultras -program which focuses on young Rotterdam-based artists. The exhibition opens on Friday November 24 and ends on December 10.

OPENING Friday/November 24
18:30 doors [free entrance]
18:30 #Starter [in Burgertrut] Semih Bayraktar & Jasmijn Mager
19:45 Opening  / talk
20:00 Opening / performance
21:00 Live: Wartone & P L Ō X E N U M [in SUB]

Sazarus V
Timofeev’s virtual reality installation “Physical Capacity” is part of the larger framework ‘Sazarus’; an ongoing string of exhibitions, events and works that revolve around a digital environment. It originated from an exploration of themes such as animism, alienation and a technocratic bureaucracy. This environment functions as methodology – a private lexicon of models and scenes used to generate the installations, videos, performances and texts that manifest publicly. Whilst it might appear alien or borrow from science-fiction, Sazarus very much speaks to our present reality, skewed enough to be able to reflect upon itself.

In Physical Capacity, users wear a  virtual reality headset, which allows for a 3 x 3 meter space to be experienced as a digital environment. Wearing the headset, participants move around the floor within the spatial boundaries, while the virtual environment is slowly transformed into a labyrinth populated by an increasing number of randomly moving cockroaches. The cockroaches respond to the participants’ gaze, triggering a simple pattern recognition game of color and sound, which the participants can choose to engage with or ignore. The total length of the experience is a maximum of eight minutes, during the course of which users are surrounded by more and more virtual walls, some of which are mobile. This coerces users to physically move between the virtual walls using their bodies, in turn imitating the randomized movements of the cockroaches.

Patat Comic
After visiting Rotterdam for the first time in 1993, Timofeev drew a series of comics in which he introduced the character Patat: a mixture of Mickey Mouse and Kafka. His recent time in Rotterdam inspired him to bring back the Patat character for a few more stories based on diaristic, existential themes. For the exhibition in Roodkapje, Viktor will make a new eight page comic.

Biography Viktor Timofeev 
Viktor Timofeev is a recent graduate of the Piet Zwart Master of Fine arts program and is currently based in Rotterdam. Recent solo exhibitions include “Stairway to Melon” at kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, “Sweet Guardian” at Podium, Oslo, “Sazarus IV” at Two Queens, Leicester, UK and “S.T.A.T.E” at Drawing Room, London. Recent group exhibitions include “Future Fictions” at Assembly Point, London, “Roy Da Price” at Futura, Prague and “White Walkers” at Tallinas Iela 10, hosted by 427 Gallery, Riga.


STARTER [at Burgertrut]

Semih Bayraktar & Jasmijn Mager- LUTT

Semih Bayraktar and Jasmijn Mager are a duo who started working together towards the end of May, 2017. The duo works with themes that engages the trouble of being a human in the societies and focuses on the power that is entrusted to identities through out the ages.

power, equality, inequality, gender, boundaries, cult, rituals, religion, liberation, caged, suffocation, mirroring, smoking, absurd, unusual, unnecessary, family, love, relationships, philosophy, man, woman, child, venus, hades, behind the truth, ugly, care, battle of power, neglecting, individualism, together, shock, …

Live: Wartone & P L Ō X E N U M [in SUB]

Wartone is a Manchester-born DJ and feature of Amsterdam’s underground club scene, presenting a series of DIY parties. Wartone co-curated NTS Radio’s Unthinkable with J. G. Biberkopf, examining ideas and theories across platforms, and was featured on Wasabi Tapes’ 美しい (UTSUKUSHII) compilation. Tracks have also cropped up in mixes by Tropical Waste, YYAA Recordings and NODE.