Madison Bycroft – The Half Sunk Hollow [solo-exhibition]

  • March 2, 2018 - March 31, 2018
    8:00 pm
MADISON BYCROFT | The Half Sunk Hollow
solo-exhibition | 02/03/18 – 31/03/18
OPENING: Friday March 2 at 20:00.
“Half sunk in a hollow, in a half sunk hollow, teasing and tormenting, on and off the stage.

20:00 #Starter with Imke ZeinstraTempting Danger: Releasing the Beast

21:00  Opening Talk

22:00 Live in SUB
Chill RNB covers or her own tracks

>> Difficult [NL]
Mixing synth feminism with vocal sarcasm

>> Melissa Lacoste [FR]
Dreamy French RNB

21:15 – 00:00 Exhibition open
Entrance: #FREE

Artist statement:

A teaser is a curtain or movable piece of stage scenery, used to mask lights or exits and entrances.

A tormentor is a drapery or flat piece across the top that, together with the teasers, forms a frame for the stage. 

How are politics framed? Athena institutionalises, and the council of elders meet on stage. Across from them, the Erinyes – embodiments of passion, vengeance and strife – transition or are transitioned from chthonic furies into soothed ones, gracious ones, kind ones.

They sink into an illegibility beneath the council, under the stage, away from a sunlit scape, where they see in their non-seeing.

Have the furies assimilated to Athena’s institution?  Or are they refusing their cue? Is their exit from the stage also a retreat from the systems that allow them to see each other according to one kind of vision and of law? Is there another stage under the stage? The furies torment again!

Theatre and performance are capacious. The absorbent body performs: its porousness does not only absorb/invoke/respond to the voices of others, but resists too. The soft stage might double as an alternate world, where the absurd, the surreal, the asymbolic and different forms of speech are all framed and played.

For the past years  Madison Bycroft has been working around ideas of ‘pathos’ (both active and passive voice) and its relationship to subjectivisation, difference, affect and how these (expansive) topics are performed in and through language, action, and production.

Bycroft’s work follows the middle voice – a verbal category that is both active and passive at once. In performing or being performed by this messy middle, a soft proposition is made towards a dialectical relationship where annihilation and multiplication are held in tension with each other. It suggests absorbency as a relational quality par excellence; a porousness that, presents itself as a hospitality to difference.

Madison Bycroft (1987, AUS) is an artist who lives and works between Adelaide, Australia, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Bycroft works in video, performance and sculpture. 

Madison is a graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute of Fine Art, in Rotterdam, an undertaking which was supported by the Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship. Since 2016, along with Natalia Sorzano and Kari Robertson, Bycoft co-founded GHOST, a platform for new collaboration and facilitation.