THE RED PACK group exhibition

  • June 8, 2018 - August 12, 2018
    8:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Free exhibition | 08/06 – 12/08
Roodkapje | Delftseplein 39
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OPENING: Friday, 8 June at 20:00 | EVENT

During the exhibition of THE RED PACK, Roodkapje will be re-presenting a retrospective of the recent solo-exhibitions of the young Rotterdam artists with an international sample of interconnectedness of performance, other art disciplines and a broader international context. These artists will include the Rotterdam-based solo artists with the addition of international artists coming from France, Brussels, and Amsterdam.


Puck Schot
Puck Schot recently graduated from the KABK in Den Haag. She sprung into her artist career during Roodkapje’s first outdoor festival; Root Camp in 2016. Puck has transformed media and film to interactive installations and performances. She has experimented with hip-hop, film and performance and uses a combination of home-video style footage shot on holidays in combination with stock-footage animations and voice-overs. She uses personal dialogues from her diary to transform them into reflective speeches that serve as an opening and a possible ending towards the video and in-between objects.

Joey Schrauwen
Joey Schrauwen, whose roots are in Rotterdam and in breakdance, graduated as a Theatrical Performer from the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts in 2014. The productions he has made since then include Stopping the world (2016), for which he constructed a large, rotating wheel. His work starts from the moving body and the sense of wonder. In his own words: “In my work, I look for ways to challenge what is ‘real’. Where does our imagination become so true that it enters reality?” In recent years, Joey Schrauwen has worked with the likes of Guilherme Miotto, Davy Pieters, Peter Missotten, 155, Sanne Nouws and Jerzy Bielski.

Hilde Onis
By trying to research my failures, bad moments and confusing life events, I try to portray the contrast between disturbance and the seemingly pure glorification of childhood. My work is about disclosure, often both tragic and humorous and ranges from sculptures and videos to moving installation works that react to the viewer. Hilde Onis graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Aki ArtEZ in Enschede. She also has a background in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art and Design in Norway.

Viktor Timofeev
Viktor Timofeev is a recent graduate of the Piet Zwart Master of Fine arts program and is currently based in Rotterdam. Recent solo exhibitions include “Stairway to Melon” at kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, “Sweet Guardian” at Podium, Oslo, “Sazarus IV” at Two Queens, Leicester, UK and “S.T.A.T.E” at Drawing Room, London. Recent group exhibitions include “Future Fictions” at Assembly Point, London, “Roy Da Price” at Futura, Prague and “White Walkers” at Tallinas Iela 10, hosted by 427 Gallery, Riga.

Madison Bycroft
Madison Bycroft (1987, AUS) is an artist who lives and works between Adelaide, Australia, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Bycroft works in video, performance and sculpture. 
Madison is a graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute of Fine Art, in Rotterdam, an undertaking which was supported by the Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship. Since 2016, along with Natalia Sorzano and Kari Robertson, Bycoft co-founded GHOST, a platform for new collaboration and facilitation.

Agnes Momiriski
Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary and visual artist, with MA from the Royal College of Art (London, 2014). She lives and works in Rotterdam (NL) and Ljubljana (SLO). In her work she is concerned with perception, language and communication, mainly in relation to technology and design. She employs lens- and screen- based media, performance and installation, and collaborates with musicians, filmmakers, singers and actors. Her films, characterized by stylized direction, often uncover a fascination for sci-fi, metaphysical and scientific ideas. She is a recipient of Young talent award by Mondriaan funds in 2016, Squeeze online award 2016, and was nominated for Tesla award 2017.

Deborah Bowmann
Deborah Bowmann is a non-profit organization directed by artists Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre which activities comprises curating exhibitions and producing sculptures, objects and set design. Deborah Bowmann is both an artistic identity and an exhibition space and thus articulates a studio practice and a curatorial practice. Deborah Bowmann aims to develop alternative manners of thinking exhibition making in the fields of contemporary art and design.

Salim Bayri + SUB NIGHT
Salim is a visual artist born and raised in Casablance and currently based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Salim received his BFA in Arts and Design at Escola Massana in Barcelona and is a Masters student of Media Art Design and Technology at the Frank Mohr Instituut who has exhibited internationally. The multimedia artist takes on a multidisciplinary approach to his work using a variety of mediums including music and sounds. His art functions within a philosophical, socio-political framework, yet executed in a witty manner that is far from alienating.

Fraser Stewart
Fraser Stewart is an artist lives and works in Amsterdam. He has a BA hon’s First class from Leeds Met School for Contemporary Art, A Masters in Artistic Research from The Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. He has also completed a two year Artist in Residence from the prestigious Rijksakademie Amsterdam, (equivalent to postmaster study). The theme of my art practice, often involve failure as a key element. Failure is key to the way western capitalism works, success at any cost. Through failure I and my audience can look at this element of western economics. They center around elements of potentiality in both objects and narratives to be transformed through a approach that adopts failure as a power equal to success. Through experiments in combining diverse mediums and materials new narratives are merged into new forms. I reference the concept of planned obsolescence, products intentionally designed to breakdown and fail. This could also be like meaning and cultural references, that have the possibility to shift, transform or disappear altogether. My work conveys various meaning and messages which when combined propose a way to perform tension and excite a audience to consider the strength of failure on their day to day life.

Sara Sadik + SUB Night (Melissa Lacoste)
Sara Sadik is a visual artist who currently lives and works in Bordeaux. She describes her work as “Beurcore”: the representation of North African-descented youth living in french suburban culture. Based on semiological and sociological analyses of the « beurness », Sara Sadik brings many alter-egos which she plays in short-video using chromakey and CGI post-production techniques. She also works with installation, fashion and music. She reengages visual aesthetics, economic systems and languages used and/or created by the beur community, in order to create fictional situations which take place either in the present or in the near future.