• May 16, 2014 - June 15, 2014
    11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Jasper Griepink (NL)

It is said that only horses sweat, that men perspire and woman glow. The truth is, sweat is a vital adornment of our largest organ – our skin; material of timelessness, stuff through which we greet and help each other. It is this that we embellish, treat, caress, lubricate and swathe with costumes, potions and notions throughout our lives, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of pleasure.

Roodkapje is proud to present SWEAT; a five-week exhibition by Jasper Griepink which concludes his six-month exploration into shamanism, gender-identity and body behaviour across the Indonesian archipelago and Latin America.
SWEAT will be a collaborative experience that presents several international artists and body-workers. SWEAT provides heat, SWEAT induces fever, SWEAT cleanses, SWEAT is grace. In the face of revolution, new global uprising and activation, Jasper Griepink proposes the body as our finest weapon; a conductor of energy, love and intention, a means to explore the subtleness that permeates all life. The body is our sanctuary, our gateway, our truest temple.

SWEAT opens on Friday May 16 and will present an event each week. In many cultures across the world the sauna is used as a tool for healing, creating a social atmosphere, or a space to meet with spirit life. SWEAT offers a sauna on the Open-Sweat days, but also Yoga & dance classes, dinner parties, performances, story-telling, workshops and Reiki treatments at the five SWEAT ceremonies. SWEAT wants you to come, to participate and to bring your friends. SWEAT is open. For the full program check www.roodkapje.org.