SUB: The Holydrug Couple [CL] + Torii [NL]

  • September 20, 2017
    8:00 pm - 11:55 pm

20/09/2017 | Roodkapje Rotterdam | Delftseplein 39
Concert | The Holydrug Couple [CL] + Torii [NL]
+Performance ‘Look at us now’ by Hilde Onis [20:00 /free]
Doors: 21:00 | Entrance: €5 | EVENT

From 20:00, the show is preceded by a performance by our current artist-in-residence Hilde Onis, who’s exhibition ‘Trying to touch like 14 year olds in crash cars hit each other’ is now on view. Entrance to the performance in our exhibition space is free, tickets for the concert are available at the info-desk.

Look at us now
A performance in which the childhood dream of being able to buy every toy you have ever wanted transforms into an unpleasant trap. A metaphor for the alienation and distancing away of what could have been. Your greediness is exposed to the whole world to see and you have to sit it out being the object in the shop window until the batteries run out.

Chilean psychedelic rock duo The Holydrug Couple has an uprising international career with four full length albums, two of which released by Sacred Bones Records. Throughout their career they have developed a very recognizable sound that brings together aspects of such different styles as blues, soul, shoegaze and electronic music. Currently the band is writing and recording a new LP. Their latest album is ‘Soundtrack for Pantanal’ (2016).

Torii started out as the solo-project of Domenico Mangione. In 2015, the rhythm section of garage rockers The Mighty Breaks joined and the band started to work on Domenico’s crudely drawn sketches.
This resulted in the five wayward indie pop songs on debut EP ’Submerged’ (2016), which was released on ‘ Purple Noise Record Club’ (cd) and Geertruida(cassette). Currently the band is working on their debut album for 2017.