Roxette Capriles – Pity Paradise [solo-exhibition]

  • October 13, 2017 - November 5, 2017
    8:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Roodkapje +Ultras || solo- exhibition:
Roxette Capriles
‘Pity Paradise’
October 13 – November 5, 2017 | Roodkapje

/A harmonious place where I peel the layers to my soul, build and destroy, explore the effects of narcissism & self-reflection and complain about shit that bothers me about a society that runs wild. Pity Paradise is about the in-between black or white, fake or real since nothing is ever what it appears. It seeks out to pity our current condition, behaviors of myself & others, all while looking very cool. I give you all I know.#spiritual

/Opening 13/10/2017
18:30 doors [free entrance]
18:30 #Starter [performance in Burgertrut]
19:45 Opening talk
20:00 Opening performance Roxette Capriles [in EXPO]
21:00 Music/Performance by Roxette Capriles & Gerson Kronstadt [in SUB]

Roxette Capriles born in Curacao currently lives and works in Rotterdam. Graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy and won the “Drempelprijs” with her work ‘Rots in Brand’.

In the last year, she has been giving workshops and tutoring students of the Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao Center for Contemporary Art, an artists initiative with the goal to create a solid platform for art, art education, and social engagement. Roxette’s constant interest is to ask ourselves how and where art needs to intervene.Her practice often starts with self-reflection and social analysis of her surroundings, whilst she is infinitely in progress to understand how we interpret reality and are shaped by our subjective view of the world.

This can result in performances, installations, videos, public interventions, music tracks and attitude that often explore social and political questions.How can self-reflection help us in an image-driven society, and during times when we are bombarded with information and in search for meaning, in our daily life?

October 13: 20:00 @ opening [Roodkapje]
October 26: 20:00 @ Girls Go Boom [Roodkapje SUB]
November 5: 20:00 [Roodkapje]

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