Post Slack

  • May 31, 2013 - July 7, 2013
    8:00 pm - 5:50 pm

The image of somebody who loves to do as little as possible, not politically active, definitely not lethargic but absolutely hip. That’s the post-slacker, the VICE mentality, nobody’s land between the work ethic and utilitarianism. The creative individualist, the underground metro-man. Post-slack is the successor of sex, drugs and rock n roll, the materialism of the 80’s, the dingy glamour of Nan Goldin. Not as fashionable as the I-D, not as creative as Hard/Hoofd, but high quality wrapped in a thin coat of superficiality. Laziness as the façade for the hard working creative mind, because the dreams of generation Z are big, wild and endless. When “more” equals “better”, “enough” seems non-existent, but we all react seemingly indifferent. Everybody is merely a player and all the world’s a stage. Roodkapje is examining the actual motivation and desires of the post-slacker. Richie Lopez, Milan Boonstra, Mel Chan, Joost Goudriaan and Nada van Dalen are invited to approach and present the stratified character of this phenomenon. This is where the connection with the We are the World vision lies. Post Slack is the first exhibition in a series of six in which Roodkapje explores new visions for a better future society. Revealing the true wants and needs of the post slacker contributes to this course.