Pantropical x Arab Film Festival

  • October 14, 2017 - October 15, 2017
    9:00 pm - 2:00 am


≈ SUFYVN (sd)
≈ DIRAR KALASH (palestina)

Location: Roodkapje Rotterdam – Delftseplein 39
21:00 – 02:00 | Presale: €7 / door: €8
Pantropical ✹

‘Pantropical x Arab Film Festival’ is an integral part of the annual Arab Film festival [ Oct 11 – Oct 15 ]. The line up includes virtuoso oud playing, experimental electronics, old and new dance tunes from the Arab world, and futurist Nubian beats.

■ SUFYVN (sd)
Sufyvn is a Khartoum based Sudanese music producer who explores the diverse sounds of traditional Sudanese music. He uses vintage Sudanese instruments and merges them with modern textures and a strong rhythmic backbone similar to those found in electronic IDM and Hip-Hop contexts. Sufyvn’s signature sound is highlighted on the “Ascension EP” (2017), his most detailed work to date. This EP does not westernize Sudanese music, but instead takes it to new territories. “Ascension” is a visionary accomplishment that enabled Sufyvn to define his voice as a producer.

Jawa Manla is a talented oud player from Syria who was born in Aleppo and grew up in Damascus. She started playing music at the age of eleven. Inspired by her father playing the oud, she decided to commit to the instrument. She went on to study music in Egypt in 2012 at the Beit El Oud institute under the supervision of the Iraqi oud player Naseer Shamma. In 2014 she received lessons in Istanbul by the Turkish oud player Nacati Celik. Since June 2015 she is based in the Netherlands which enabled her to perform with many international musicians, From 2016 she studies at Codarts in Rotterdam.

■ DIRAR KALASH (palestine)

Dirar Kalash is a sound artist whose uncompromising work spans a wide range of sonic practices. Dirar will perform with the oud combined with electronica, approaching the lute-type string instrument with different techniques in order to achieve a music that transcends the common notions of traditional oud playing. His approach repositions the oud within a context where it is considered not only as an instrument with a deep history, but also as a vehicle for further explorations of musical and sonic languages.

■ DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up! / pantropical)

Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre. 

■ CHRIS BAAS (nl | pantropical)

Rotterdam based DJ with a fine eclectic taste. He played pantropical sets at a diverse range of events; with Mdou Moctar, DJ Tetris, DJ Bebedera, Gaye Su Akyol, Altin Gün, etc.

Arab Film Festival is an artistic forum where a nuanced image of the cultural, political, social and artistic situation in the Arab world is shown and in which films about hot topics in the Arab communities in Europe are programmed. By doing this, Arab Camera Festival creates space for an open dialogue about art, human rights, emancipation and political freedom in Arab countries and in Europe as a whole and in the Netherlands in particular.

Pantropical is a frenzied gig/club/dance series focussing on rough edged tropical music, outré rural folklore, contemporary club music, global bass & more.