OPENING Agnes Momirski | Digital dawn, luminous voices

  • April 20, 2018
    8:00 pm - 11:55 pm
OPENING AGNES MOMIRSKI | Digital dawn, luminous voices
Friday 20 April | Roodkapje | Delftseplein 39
Doors: 20:00 | FREE

The exhibition explores the sensuality of healing/wellness interfaces and objects


//\\\ performance in Burgertrut by TC Macabre / Milou Brockhus

21:00 Opening talk

22:00 BRAIDED SOUND | Jesse Perlstein & Jeremy Young (US/CAN |Sontag Shogun) w/Machinefabriek (NL)

23:00 Ruwedata / DJ set
Upstairs Double Cross Neighbor Back Once Again With the Ill Behaviour

20:00 Starter
by TC Macabre // Milou Brockhus

BIHFTYK is an ongoing research-performance about how people consume and experience art. What if we take this mental and emotional process that happens in the mind and heart of the audience, and translate it into a physical expression of a human body? During performative interventions in places such as museums, galleries and exhibitions, we unravel social en cultural structures, expressing the unconsiousness patterns of beholding art in the physical form of butoh. No performance is constructed or rehearsed beforehand, the performer resonates with location, art and audience translating it into movement. Every performance is an investigative artwork in itself.

21:00 Opening talk


The exhibition explores the sensuality of healing/wellness interfaces and objects. The installation simulates a healing space with highly sensualized objects, and stages an immersive experience of soothing spoken word and meditative vocal utterances. The objects allow the visitors to rest on them and hug them, and immerse themselves in sonic and vocal resonances. Inspired by the idea of a post-work society and the rising concern for emotional wellbeing, the exhibition is a space of experimentation with visual, sonic and spacial design elements.

The effect of voice on human consciousness is curiously explored through instructional and poetic language, which stages the voice as the vessel for empathy, compassion and healing. The vocal experimentations mark transitions from ego consciousness to inner self, as language transitions into sound, and cognitive knowledge into intuitive/bodily knowledge.

The works (objects, visuals and the performance) open up transcendental and spiritual aspects of the digitally mediated world, where design solutions for emotional healing and wellness, influence the overall emotional climate of our culture. The voices permeating the exhibition space, create a reflection of the inner self and the unraveling of the mind over our digital time-lines.

Digital dawn, luminous voices – performance opening on the 20th of April – is an immersive sonic experience guiding the audience through a visualization of the future. In the light of eternal youth, happiness and achieving the quest for the divine, the performers voices guide us towards intuitive and telepathic being, and a conscious revival of alchemic world view and mimetic existence, in which all realities become sensual, empathic and soothing.

Performance is created in collaboration with musician Jesse Perlstein, and vocalists Margje Ottevanger and Katja Maria Slotte.

Live in SUB

Jesse Perlstein & Jeremy Young (of Sontag Shogun). (US/CAN)
w/ Machinefabriek (NL)

BRAIDED SOUND has been curated by Jeremy Young & Jesse Perlstein, both members of the experimental Neo-classical trio SONTAG SHOGUN. (Montreal, Quebec & New York City). They are inviting local acts in each city we visit to form an improvisational ensemble with a chart of braided lines to guide the composition. Each set is unique due to the variety in instrumentation, style, communication and interpretation.

Their performance at Roodkapje will feature Rotterdam’s experimental musician Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt). Using a host of synthesizers, guitars and various pedals, Machinefabriek’s synthetic rhythms and manipulations combine elements of ambient, noise, minimalism, drone, field recordings and electro-acoustic experiments. He finds tension in texture, tone and timing, and plays well off the ambient and distorted nature of the Perlstein/Young duo.

April 20th’s performance will be inspired by the meditative focuses of Agnes Momirski’s solo show “Digital Dawn, Luminous Voices”, the sound of which was composed by the trio’s own, Jesse Perlstein, a longtime collaborator of Momirski. | |

23:00 Ruwedata DJ

Entrance: FREE


Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary and visual artist, with MA from the Royal College of Art (London, 2014). She lives and works in Rotterdam (NL) and Ljubljana (SLO). In her work she is concerned with perception, language and communication, mainly in relation to technology and design. She employs lens- and screen- based media, performance and installation, and collaborates with musicians, filmmakers, singers and actors. Her films, characterized by stylized direction, often uncover a fascination for sci-fi, metaphysical and scientific ideas. She is a recipient of Young talent award by Mondriaan funds in 2016, Squeeze online award 2016, and was nominated for Tesla award 2017. >>

TC MACABRE is a young company led by Milou Brockhus, creating work about the human condition, identity and inclusivity on the verge of theatre, performance and visual art. TC MACABRE stands for finding the beauty in what is perceived as ugly, and showing the shadows of what is considered beautiful. We create immersive experiences between audience and performer. No representations where art is consumed in a passive way, but active presence of creator and audience. The work of TC MACABRE departs from social engagement, radical activism, philosphy and emerges into abstract imagery: live art meets a theatre of ideas. Previous productions can be described as physical art installations, showing live performers in dystopian settings. Highly driven by the art of butoh, these performances show the darkness and imperfections of the human condition.