Imaginary Band Land

  • October 12, 2018 - October 13, 2018
    7:00 pm - 4:00 am
  • October 13, 2018 - October 14, 2018
    7:00 pm - 4:00 am

Join us at IMAGINARY BAND LAND on 12+13 October, for a line-up with 18 bands, 10 DJs and 8 performers. For the event, Roodkapje is transformed into 3 festival areas. Find the complete line-up below.


The concept for this two-day festival originates in the work of artist Koen Taselaar, who used imaginary bands in his works for years. In his current retrospective exhibition ‘Toen Kaselaar’ in Roodkapje, there are works highlighting bands like The Fur Croissants, Naughty Hikers & The Inside Jokers.

Roodkapje’s music promoters of Girls go BOOMKing Sepi and Bound Centre took these imaginary bands as a starting point for a multi-disciplinary festival. They curated a diverse line-up, ranging from electro to avant-garde and indie to improv. The existing bands, DJs and performers then chose a name from Taselaar’s long list of Imaginary Bands.

This way, for instance: garage rock band The Hazzah became The Phone, synthpop phenomenon Karel turned into Kamerplant Compositie and Argentinian experimental producer Bungalovv plays as AAAIIKAARAAMB.

KARELKamerplant Compositie
The Mighty Breaks ★ Moment Monument
Coolhaven 23 Tofu Feelings
DJ Nadia RodriguesThe Moaning Goats
The Hazzah ★ The Phone
Lisa Lotion15 Year Old Me
ANNIKA Smoking Eyelids 
The Howl Ensemble ★ The Information Overloaders
Parasnol Randomodorer
joe kisser ★ Trail and Terror
Rotterdamsche Viswijven ★ Bibimbop And The Kimchi Karaoke Hotsauce 
X-enia/Fake Photobooth N.S.D.B. 
DJ RuwedataAnti Fahrrad
Jesper & IkeFoelie & The Flere

Yung Feurich ★ Old New Shoes
Ang3l Sp1derDyslectic Dandies
Bound Centre ★ Endless Namedrop
TELE$hopping ★ The Polychromatic Ricecake Gang
Shrubs Hold That Fomo
Rusty Spoon A Chameleon Called Johannes
SweatsThe Fur Croissants
Meneer Jansen ★ Tofu Feelings


Imaginary Band Land is taking place in Koen Taselaars retrospective exhibition ‘Toen Kaselaar’, which runs from 07/09 – 21/10. A returning subject in his work are flyers, posters and record sleeves highlighting imaginary bands. These drawings derive from the Taselaar’s fascination with the mythical power of bandnames like ‘Talking Heads’ or ‘Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers’. Using images and words, Taselaar visualises narratives and identities for imaginary bands like The Inside Jokers, Naughty Hikers and The Fur Croissants.